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Totally loyal to Megatron, Soundwave is Megatron's most trusted and closest lieutenant commanding a great deal of Megatron's army, often acting as his right-hand man in the absence of Decepticon second-in-command, Shockwave. He is known for being "such a nerd", and was once placed in charge of Kaon Prison.

In the Prime cartoon, Soundwave is completely silent, preferring to observe and record everything going on around him and use parts of other 'bots and 'cons sentences he hears as his own. His loyalty to Megatron remains unquestionable, and he keeps a wary optic on his fellowDecepticons should they begin feeling like standing against their master.

Autobots. Surrender immediately, or be destroyed!

War for Cybertron

That blasted Soundwave sees and hears everything!

—Starscream on Soundwave's surveillance capabilities, Prime