[1][2]Maybe if I punch the screen hard enough, I'll be able to escape.Back on Cybertron in the latter part of the war, Smokescreen was keen to be a soldier and underwent training with the Cybertron Elite Guard though it was more of a boot camp at the time. To his disappointment, he ended up on security detail at the Iacon Hall of Records guarding Alpha Trion. Though he learned much, he still yearned for combat. He thought his chance had come when the Decepticons attacked Iacon directly, but instead he was immediately knocked into stasis by a Decepticon bomb, and woke up much later on one of their transports. Giving the guard the slip, Smokescreen stole an escape pod which took him to Earth.

Upon landing, he joined members of Team Prime in fighting off some Decepticons who had converged on the pod. His wild, reckless fighting ignited the pod's spilled fuel, which sent the Deceptions packing, but did little to impress Team Prime. Though the others were suspicious, Optimus accepted him upon his recounting of tales only Alpha Trion and Optimus would have known. They took him to Outpost Omega One and the human Jack Darby gave him a tour during which he recognized some of the relics from the Hall of Records. Due to Smokescreen's inexperience, Optimus refused to let him go on a mission to recover Red Energon, and instead he and Jack went to find him a new alternate mode. When Prime's team got into trouble, Smokescreen had the idea of using the phase shifter to help and convinced Ratchet to let him try. On the battlefield, he succeeded in using it to separate Starscream from the Apex Armor, ultimately resulting a victory (more or less) for the Autobots. With that success, Optimus welcomed him to Team Prime. New Recruit

smokecreen has blasters like wheeljack and the face looks like starscream