Shockwave is a brilliant Decepticon scientist. He takes damaged Decepticons and turns them into super-soldiers. He transforms into a sleek Cybertronian Jet to travel around to multiple areas to blast the Autobots. Although he is loyal to Megatron and serves as his second in command, Shockwave's only true master is logic.He was a part of Megatronus's inner circle in the underground gladiator circuit, serving as a medic and provider of new opponents. After Megatronus beat his experimental Insecticon combiners in battle, Shockwave tended to his leader, who asked to be called Megatron. Once the war began, Shockwave became responsible for the creation of several combiners such as Devastator, and Bruticus Maximus. When the Decepticons planned to pursue the Autobots and find the All Spark, Megatron left Shockwave in charge of the forces on the planet, ordering him to finish off the remaining Autobots and start rebuilding Cybertron.