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Optimus Prime is a character from the Transformers franchise. Prime is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of transforming robots from the planet Cybertron. The autobots are constantly waging war against a rival faction of transforming robots called Decepticons. He is depicted as a brave, powerful, wise and compassionate leader who puts his talent to use improving the universe around him. Optimus is portrayed as having a strong sense of justice and righteousness and has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth.[1] According to Bob Budiansky, co-writer of the Transformers series, Dennis O'Neil was responsible for his name.The Cybertronian who would become Optimus Prime was once a simple data clerk, satisfied with his job. It wasn't until he heard of an outspoken gladiator named Megatron and his call for an upheaval of Cybertron's society that he realized he was dissatisfied with his lot in life- and that the oppressive caste system hindered the freedom of all the sentient beings on Cybertron. Little did he realize that his boss, the archivist Alpha Trion, knew of a secret potential within the data clerk, and that Cybertron's history was at a precipice. Once he and Megatron discovered they did not have as much in common as they once believed, the lowly data clerk was promoted by the High Council to be the next Prime.

Over the centuries, loss and war have led Optimus to appear stern and serious to most. But scratch the surface, and you'll find an individual who greatly cares for his fellow living beings, with a warmth and kindness his closest friends can rely on. You'll also find regret over the loss of a comrade to darkness, and the faintest glimmer of hope that he can be saved.

He is sometimes partnered with Chief Charlie Burns.

He has also been called The Big O.

We will wage our battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons wherever it may take us. And one day, we will go home.

—Optimus Prime, Transformers: Exodus


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Aligned novelsEdit

Like all Cybertronians, when Orion Pax emerged from the Well of All Sparks, he was taught how to transform, to select a natural alternate mode, and was put in a caste. At the Hall of Records, Orion would read and index information from the Communication Grid, but was forbidden to analyze. That was Jazz's job, and the two became friends. Orion began monitoring Megatron's transmissions, and began a secret correspondence with him because he agreed with his beliefs. They had intense but friendly debates over the nature of free will and the dangerousness of their ideals, and Megatron suggested Orion learn how to fight for his beliefs. Orion began training with Jazz, learning to fire an ion-cannon and to fashion his arms into anaxe and a sword.

Orion made his first trip to Kaon to meet Megatron in person at his base. Megatron was the only gladiator who gave Orion a warm welcome. Terrorists began bombings in Megatron's name, and he made his first public announcement on the Grid, stating he was not responsible for the attacks and would bring the perpetrators to justice. Orion followed him up with a speech of his own. Orion trusted Megatron, believing if he were responsible for the attacks, he would have wanted to be associated with them. Later, when Shockwave took him to meet Megatron at an arena beneath the Observatory of Iacon, Orion was shocked to see Jazz in attendance, and that Megatron had heard rumors about the bombings but did nothing to prevent them.

[1][2]Lookin' awful buff and armored for an insignificant young library clerk. One has to wonder if the Guilds may have dropped the ball on this one.

When "Decepticons" kidnapped Sentinel Prime, Orion requested Alpha Trion arrange an audience with High Council for him and Megatron. During their hearing in the High Council Tower, Orion rigorously defended their ideals, even reviving the ancient philosophical phrase "Autobots" to describe the autonomy his brethren sought. It was then Councilor Halogen declared Orion the new Prime: Optimus Prime. An outraged Megatron accused his brother of treachery, and then murdered Halogen. When Optimus ordered the Elite Guard to not harm Megatron, Megatron declared Optimus had fallen into the trappings of power the High Council had foisted upon him, and those in attendance dispersed, with the planet forever divided into Autobots and Decepticons.

Optimus forgoed the first engagement of the war, allowing the Decepticons to take Fort Scyk so he would gain time to recruit more Autobots. Optimus learned from Jazz after the fall of Scyk that he would have to learn to not mourn every soldier. Optimus fought for the first time during the next battle, the siege of the Hydrax Plateau. The first Cybertronian he ever killed was a former industrial drone named Drixco. Afterwards Optimus confided to Alpha Trion that the act of killing alone made him feel he was on the wrong side. Despite the efforts of Optimus and Ultra Magnus the Decepticons conquered the Hydrax Plateau. It was at the stalemate ofPraxus that Optimus gained the indispensable allies Prowl and Ironhide. The first Autobot victory was at Kalis, a vital area due to its fusion reactor that powered Iacon. Optimus, Jazz and Sideswipe worked together to bring down the monstrous Bruticus Maximus, but the battle was mostly won due to the Seekers' absence. As Energon depleted, the war descended into a mere siege of Iacon lasting millions of cycles, and Optimus opted to eject the AllSpark itself into space: during this battle Optimus gained another great friend in Bumblebee.

Following a lull in the war, the Decepticons began using Dark Energon and routed the Autobots, but Optimus wisely predicted it was an inefficient resource that would run out soon. To his horror, Megatron and Starscream infiltrated Teletraan-1 to steal the Plasma Energy Chamber, and although Teletraan-1 awakened the legendary Omega Supreme to ferry the Chamber to safety, the Dark Energon-powered Decepticons overpowered the Autobots and used the Chamber to corrupt the Core of Cybertron and infested the planet with Dark Energon. During the battle, Megatron revealed he had killed Sentinel Prime below the High Council Tower to gain access to the Chamber. Afterwards Prowl picked up a message from Sentinel on the Grid, and Optimus, realizing he had not found Sentinel's body in Iacon, deduced Sentinel was alive. When Optimus, Jazz and Prowl rescued him from Kaon Prison, they found the city strangely deserted. Optimus believed Dark Energon was having a severe effect on Decepticon morale. When they found Sentinel, he was dying. He regretted his overlong reign as Prime, and that the High Council had made the right decision in appointing Optimus Prime. He finally told him he had to go to the Core and purge its corruption of Dark Energon.

After Sentinel's funeral in Iacon, where Optimus was officially appointed Prime after holding the de facto position for so long, he journeyed to the Core with Bumblebee and Jetfire and removed the Plasma Energy Chamber. It was then a voice from the Core told Optimus he was too late, and the Autobots would have to leave Cybertron as the planet healed itself. But it finally bestowed upon him the Matrix of Leadership, the essence of Primus, explaining that while Sentinel lived, he was still Prime, and that he had been unworthy of the Matrix. It told him that when the day came that they would return to Cybertron, the Core and the Matrix would restore the planet and Optimus would lead the Autobots in an "age of unimagined wonders". Afterwards, Optimus launched Project Generation One, to build a ship—that Jazz dubbed the Ark—to take them to the stars, a plan some Autobots objected to.

But before their exodus, Optimus planned to fool Megatron by gathering every spaceworthy vessel and having them rendezvous at what was apparently the last remaining space bridge in orbit. Megatron ordered Trypticon fire on the ships, but Optimus ordered a fallback as he, Jetfire, Jazz, Ironhide, Prowl, Sideswipe and Bumblebee flew the Eight Track to board the monster and knocked him from orbit by blasting his Spark containment field. Optimus's team returned to find the Ark ready at the Well of All Sparks, and bid goodbye to those—including Jetfire, Magnus and Omega—who stayed to fend off Trypticon as he transformed to attack. Optimus also bade farewell to Alpha Trion, who believed Vector Sigma would protect him when the rest of the planet would be unable to sustain life: it was then Optimus realized Alpha Trion was one of the thirteen original Transformers.

Yet as the Ark took off the Decepticons overran Iacon and Megatron and his elite boarded Trypticon, who transformed into a Nemesis-class cruiser and pursued the Autobots. Megatron used his and Orion's old frequency to inform Optimus that he would pursue him across the stars and eventually kill him. The Ark entered the last space bridge and emerged with the Nemesis gone. They were near a spiral galaxy and Prowl detected the AllSpark. Knowing the Matrix within would help them find a way home, Optimus vowed that the Autobots would continue to wage their battle across the stars. Exodus

After passing through the unstable Space Bridge, Optimus Prime and his crew found themselves in the vincinity of the lost Cybertronian colony world of Velocitron, and with the help of a starmap projected by the Matrix, the Autobots entered orbit above the planet. Optimus Prime led a small exploratory team to the planet's surface, where they met Blurr, Prime and Ransack. It was a time of great stress between Velocitron's rulers, and the Autobots' arrival from mythical Cybertron only exacerbated the situation. Worse still, active acts of sabotage on the Ark led the Autobots to the conclusion that one of their crew was actually a Decepticon agent. Optimus concluded there was little they could do at the moment other than remain on guard. Later, Optimus travelled with a young Veloctironian named Clocker to Velocitron's south pole, where he discovered a fragment of metal that he thought might belong to the mythical Star Sabre. His investigations were cut short by an attack of rebel Velocitronians, forcing him to return to the city of Delta, where he discovered what he thought was another fragment. Although the Autobots secured an ally in Override, they left Velocitron on the brink of civil war during their departure, as Ransack's followers had been corrupted by the Decepticon rhetoric of "peace through tyranny" spread by the Ark's traitor.

The next leg of their journey through the Space Bridge brought the Autobots to fabled Junkion, a world composed entirely of space junk. Optimus Prime made contact with the leader of the planet's inhabitants, a scatterbrained robot named Wreck-Gar, who was spurred to action by the appearance of the Matrix. The Autobots went to work repairing the Ark, with the relative assistance of the Junkions. Prime discovered another fragment in a forge, and barely managed to rescue it. When Prowl discovered the traitorous Makeshift was aboard, Optimus and Jazz managed to identify and trap the shifter in a stasis field, ending his threat to the Autobots. However, Optimus Prime's Matrix-induced visions led him on a quest through one of the four Space Bridge nodes surrounding Junkion, and he selected Bumblebee and Silverbolt to accompany him. Through the Bridge they came across the lonely tomb of Solus Prime, fabled artifacer of the Thirteen. Her holographic spirit was called forth by the Matrix and informed the Autobots that the Requiem Blaster, most deadly of her creations, rested on Junkion and must be kept out of Decepticon hands. When the group returned to Junkion with Chaindrive in tow, Optimus assembled his findings- the Blades of Time and contacted the reclusive Vector Prime.

The Decepticons eventually arrived on Junkion in force, and the two sides warred over a hidden treasure at the planet's core...the Requiem Blaster. A weapon capable of drawing infinite power from nearby stellar sources, the Requiem Blaster had its own gravity field, and had literally been the core around which Junkion's "junk" had formed. Optimus and Megatron duelled once more as the planet tore itself apart, but the arrival of the mythical hero Nexus Prime helped to turn the tide. From him, Optimus recieved the Cyber Caliber, a powerful sword that he used to fight Megatron to a standstill. The fighting over the Requiem Blaster ripped the planet apart, but both sides eventually called off the melee and abandoned the Blaster after learning the location of the Allspark itself. Optimus Prime and the Autobots boarded the Ark and began the long race to reach their civilization's greatest prize before Megatron could. Exiles

IDW Fall of Cybertron and Prime comicsEdit

[3][4]The possibility of the Dinobots reacting negatively was a factor I allowed for in my planning.

During the war for Cybertron, Optimus Prime and the Lightning Strike Coalition leader Grimlock didn't see eye to eye. Optimus preferred playing the long game, but Grimlock felt that caution would hinder their attempts at quick victory. During one of the Lightning Strike Coalition's missions, Optimus Prime ordered them to return to base and abandon their battle, lest they waste precious energon. Grimlock reluctantly obeyed. However, when it was discovered that Swoop was in Decepticon custody, the Lightning Strike Coalition ignored Optimus Prime's orders, broke ranks, and went after him on their own. Good Intentions


In the modern day, Optimus sent an encrypted message from Earth directing the Autobots to their new world. When Cliffjumper and Arcee landed, Optimus and Bumblebee detected them and came to retrieve them. For Optimus to find them under attack from Starscream andBreakdown was no matter, for Optimus crushed the air commander and sent his brawny accomplice running. Optimus picked up the wounded Arcee, and took her through aGroundBridge to his base for Ratchet to repair her, while informing Cliffjumper that while his journey was over, their battle was just beginning. Prime

Prime cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese), Alfredo Martínez (Spain-Spanish), Wan-gyeong Seong (Korean), Marco Balzarotti (Italian), Reiner Schöne (German),Blas Garcia (Latin American Spanish), Dariusz Odija (Polish) César Marchetti (Brazilian Portuguese)
[7][8]"We'll always be friends forever, won't we?"

In the waning years of the Golden Age of Cybertron, Orion Pax was a clerk in the Iacon Hall of Records. His interests lay with the tales of ancient Cybertron history, but the more he learned about the past, the more he grew concerned about the present. There was a disparity in freedom among the classes of his race, and the ruling class was corrupt and all-powerful. In seeking a solution to this inequity, he found inspiration in the words of a gladiator named Megatronus, and the two joined forces to end corruption and bring equality to the masses. One Shall Rise, Part 3 Optimus and Megatron became close allies, almost like brothers. But soon Megatron's ideals would become corrupted, and the two would become bitter enemies. Masters & Students

[9][10]If you squint I look sort of like this inFall of Cybertron. Okay, that's a lie.

Both Megatronus—now "Megatron"—and Orion Pax appeared before the High Council, and Megatron stated it was his intention to overthrow the High Council by force and instate himself as the next Prime. But it was Orion's speech that drew their attention. Jealous, Megatron left angrily and began his conquest, which resulted in countless casualties and left the Core of Cybertron itself poisoned. It was Orion's subsequent search for the Core that completed his transformation into Optimus Prime. The Core, the essence of their creator Primus, relinquished the Matrix of Leadership into his chassis. One Shall Rise, Part 3

During the war, Optimus encountered Skyquake at the Battle of Technahar when the Decepticon was sent by Megatron to kill him. Masters & StudentsAfter Cybertron was abandoned, Optimus Prime's elite team of Autobots eventually made their way to Earth, where they allied themselves with theUnited States government. The Autobots were assigned William Fowler as their liaison, and provided an abandoned missile silo as a base in exchange for keeping the Decepticon threat contained. Darkness Rising, Part 2


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Optimus then sent a message into space, calling any Autobot survivors to Earth Out of the Past

[12][13]Do you have your grandfather's glasses—er, wait.

After three years of Decepticon absence, Prime was out on the road when word reached him that Cliffjumper was facing down an entire contingent of Decepticons. Arriving to the battlefield too late, Prime delivered a eulogy for their fallen comrade. Soon after, some humans were caught up in a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, and Optimus, knowing that they would now be targeted by the Decepticons, had them brought to the Autobot base. There, he told them about the Transformer war and assigned the Autobots to be their individual guardians. Darkness Rising, Part 1 Presently, the apparent reactivation of Cliffjumper's lifesigns was detected by the Autobots, and they tracked it to a Decepticon Energon mine, where they discovered that Megatron had returned to Earth with Dark Energon, used to revive Cliffjumper as a zombie Terrorcon. Darkness Rising, Part 2

Realizing that Megatron's goal was to create an undead army, Optimus and Ratchet headed to the site of an ancient Transformer battleground on Earth, arriving just as Megatron used a sliver of Dark Energon to reanimate the corpses buried there into a Terrorcon legion.Darkness Rising, Part 3 Struggling against the detrimental effects of Dark Energon, the pair cut their way through the Terrorcons, but Megatron escaped before Optimus could get his hands on him. Returning to base, Optimus was disappointed to find that Bulkhead had let the kids go out into battle in his absence, but disturbing intel had been recovered in the process: the Decepticons were planning to use a space bridge to revive the dead of Cybertron with Dark Energon. Darkness Rising, Part 4 GroundBridging to the Decepticon's space bridge in Earth orbit, Optimus faced Megatron down in a one-on-one battle while the other Autobots sabotage the bridge, causing it to explode and destroy the Terrorcons, and apparently, Megatron himself. Darkness Rising, Part 5

[14][15]Pssst, Prime, your barrel openings are just painted detail.

Despite the victory, Optimus regretted not having been able to turn Megatron to the path of peace, and Ratchet consoled the Autobot leader. When Decepticon activity was detected in an area of the desert, Optimus and Bumblebee went to investigate, discovering that Starscream had located and reactivated Skyquake from stasis. Optimus tried to appeal to the two Decepticons to consider a truce now that Megatron had gone, but Starscream merely mocked his request and Skyquake was determined to carry out his late master's wishes and terminate Prime. Optimus and Bumblebee found themselves forced to battle and destroy Skyquake, with some assistance from Fowler, but they respectfully buried their fallen foe and Prime lamented the circumstances. Masters & Students

[16][17]"Okay, now I'm ready to call Bulkhead fat."

After Bulkhead and Bumblebee found a pod in the Arctic and brought it back to base, Optimus and Arcee went back to the Arctic to check for clues as to the pod's origin. After some time searching, the temperature sensors Ratchet had given them went off, so Optimus attempted to contact base, only to find the comms were down. The pair sought shelter, but as their temperatures slowly dropped, things looked grim. Just as they were losing hope, the GroundBridge opened and ejected Bulkhead and the swarm of Scraplets that had been causing havoc at base. The three Autobots were subsequently able to return home, and Optimus paid tribute to their human friends who had helped eliminate the Scraplets. Scrapheap

[18][19]"This here's Rubber Duck and I'm about to put the hammer down."

When Bulkhead's old buddy Wheeljack arrived on Earth, Optimus excused himself from the welcome party and went out on patrol, since "Primes don't party". As such, he missed all the fun when Wheeljack turned out to be a Decepticon spy, but he stuck around for the second part to welcome the real Wheeljack, telling the visiting Autobot that he'd always be welcome on Earth. Con Job Not long after, when the Autobots were contracted by Fowler to help transport the experimental Dynamic Nuclear Generation System, Optimus carried the device in atrailer to the rendezvous point, where it was transferred to a train. Unfortunately, the D.N.G.S. became a target for both the Decepticons and the human terrorist organization MECH, and Prime was forced to have his Autobots break cover to fight Vehicons while he dispatched MECH's leader Silas. A poor loser, Silas took out the train track ahead and Optimus went into maximum overdrive, grabbing the train and physically halting it. Convoy

[20][21]Ratchet and Ironhide were right, I should've gone for this earlier!

Tracking an Energon Harvester to a museum, Optimus Prime and the Autobots were attacked by new Decepticons arrivals Knock Out and Breakdown, and Prime got the business end of Knock Out's Energon prod, taking him out of the fight long enough for Soundwave to make off with the Harvester. Optimus led the Autobots in following the villains to Greece, and stopped their attempts to harvest an Energon seam there. Deus ex Machina Prime had another clash with Knock Out soon after: when he discovered that Arcee and Jack had disobeyed his orders against using powers for personal gain by participating in illegal street races, Optimus intervened, and helped rescued a captive human from Knock Out's clutches by ripping the Decepticon's door off. Speed Metal

[22][23]I woke up late one morning with a black eye. Why the heck does everyone think I'm sick? I could've just been punched in the face. Really hard.

While investigating a crashed Autobot spacecraft, Optimus Prime's hopes of helping any survivors were dashed when the craft turned out to be a corpse-strewn plague ship from which he contracted Cybonic plague, a pathogen engineered by Megatron himself. Arcee and Bumblebee boarded the Nemesis in search of a cure, and, discovering that Megatron was still alive and in stasis, Bumblebee entered his mind via a cortical psychic patch. In his dreamworld, Megatron was constantly killing imaginary Optimus Primes, and Bumblebee played on Megatron's desire to kill Optimus himself, rather than have him succumb to the plague, to convince him to hand over the cure. Sick Mind After getting back up to full health, Optimus led the Autobots to the Arctic, where Starscream was using a heat ray to melt a glacier in order to access an energon deposit. Prime boldly ploughed through the weapon's beam in order to get close enough to destroy it, but the resultant explosion left him helpless before Starscream—until he was saved at the last moment when the resurrected Megatron arrived to haul Starscream away for punishment. Out of His Head


Optimus Prime led the Autobots in investigating a Dark Energon energy signature, and found Starscream using the substance to resurrect Skyquake. Fortunately, the additional power conveyed upon Starscream by the Dark Energon was not enough to prevent Optimus Prime from blasting his arm clean off. Presently, a GroundBridge accident catapulted Jack, Miko and Raf into an alternate dimension, and when the Autobots opened a portal to bring them back, Prime took the Autobots back to the battlefield to protect them from Starscream. Shadowzone Optimus's inimitable compassion even extended to Breakdown, when he was captured by the forces of MECH and Optimus determined they would rescue him. Operation: BreakdownLater, Optimus was at the Autobot base when Jack and Arcee brought Jack's mom in to introduce her to everyone. Crisscross He was out on a scouting mission with Bumblebee when Ratchet detected a strange magnetic signature that turned out to be a Polarity gauntlet,Metal Attraction and also missed out on an adventure in a collapsed mine, but when he heard that Jack had shown mercy to an immobilized Megatron, he was proud of the boy. Raf's Notes

[26][27]We've replaced Optimus with a statue. Think anyone will notice?

Exploring the wreck of a crashed Decepticon ship, Optimus Prime and his team fell victim to Airachnid, who paralyzed Prime and Bulkhead with the ship's cargo: an experimental Immobilizer. Prime would have wound up handed over to Megatron and mounted on the bow of theNemesis if not for Bumblebee, who saw the villainess off, and Ratchet, who repaired the damaged device and unfroze the pair. Partners

[28][29]Who will join me? Who will become stronger, faster, more insubordinate?

Lost Cybertronian technology continued to cause problems for Prime and the Autobots when a formula for Synthetic Energon was beamed from a Cybertronian data cylinder into Bulkhead's mind, putting his life at risk. Refusing to sacrifice Bulkhead despite the advantage the formula would give the Autobots, Prime petitioned Megatron for the return of the cylinder so they could extract the data. In exchange, he would hand it over to the Decepticons, but Megatron refused and destroyed the device after a battle. The formula was subsequently beamed out of Bulkhead's mind into space, T.M.I. but when Ratchet proceeded to generate a batch of "SynthEn" and was driven mentally unstable after testing it on himself, he and Optimus came to blows, and Optimus confined him to base. Ratchet instead took off to face Megatron, forcing Prime to lead a team into a Decepticon mine to rescue him. Cured of the SynthEn's effects, Optimus reminded Ratchet that he was a vital member of the team. Stronger, Faster

[30][31]Slap slap.

Believing that a prophecy in the Covenant of Primus was soon to come true and that Megatron could regard it as his destiny, Optimus Prime was finally forced to abandon any illusions of turning his old foe to the path of good after the Decepticon leader grievously wounded Raf during a battle over a power source for the villain's new space bridge. Optimus boarded theNemesis and called Megatron out for a one-on-one battle that he vowed would be their last. The two ancient enemies fought before a volcano, and Optimus managed to fell Megatron, but just before he could deliver the killing blow, the volcano erupted with Dark Energon. Megatron experienced an increase in power, and turned the tide, One Shall Fall but thankfully, the intervention of the other Autobots saved Optimus's life. Retreating to base to review this new nightmare scenario, Optimus recounting the tale of Primus, Unicron and the Thirteen to the gathered humans and told them he believed that Earth had formed around the slumbering form of Unicron, who was now in the process of awakening. Examining areas of the planet struck by earthquakes at the moment of the eruption, Optimus soon found himself confronted by Unicron himself, in an avatar formed from rock and stone. He prostrated himself before the Chaos Bringer and tried to plead for the lives of the billions of humans who dwelt on Earth, but Unicron considered them parasites and attacked Prime with wave after wave of avatars. One Shall Rise, Part 1

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He ordered the other Autobots not to come to his aid, so naturally they came anyway. Aft