Makeshift is a Shifter under the command of Starscream. He can assume the form of anyone he chooses. However, he needs to keep changing because of staying in one form for too long can damage his systems.

Prime CartoonEditEdit

When the Decepticons tried to locate the Autobot HQ, Starscream and Soundwave ordered Makeshift to take the form of an newly captured Autobot and spy on the Autobots. At first the Autobots were happy about their comrade, but at some point Bulkhead noticed, that something was wrong with his old friend and asked him about a battle long ago on Cybertron. Makeshift answerded it almost right except for one little thing: Bulkhead wasn´t there! The Autobots tried to attack Makeshift, but he took Miko prisoner and opened a ground bridge to the Decepticon ship. Just then the real Wheeljack returned and challenged the Decepticon soundly trashing him. After that, the Autobots threw him through the ground bridge. Starscream wanted the location of the base, but he noticed a bomb, which was placed on Makeshift by the Autobots. Starscream flew away, when the bomb exploded, screaming, that Makeshift was a fool.