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Voice actor: Frank Welker (English), Steven Blum (English), Kevin Michael Richardson (English), James Horan (English)
[1][2]Who thinks they can squash me like a bug?

An Insecticon was left in stasis on Cybertron, acting as a Decepticon sentry. It was awakened by Jack and Arcee's arrival in Kaon, and began pursuing them. Orion Pax, Part 2

As they used the Key to Vector Sigma to reveal a hidden passage under the city's arena, the Insecticon attacked. Arcee attempted to distract it so that Jack could escape into the newly-revealed entrance, but she was soundly beaten when it slammed her into the arena wall. The Insecticon then tracked Jack to Vector Sigma, but was horrified to see the supercomputer covered in scraplets. Jack hurled one of the scraplets at the Insecticon so that they would stop feeding on Vector Sigma, and the rest of the swarm followed it in attacking the larger beast-bot. The Insecticon was savaged, falling off the bridge into a chasm as it was eaten alive. Orion Pax, Part 3

[3][4]Megatron put Eradicating Aerosol in his deck for just such an occasion.

When Starscream was seeking Energon scraps in an old mine, he noticed an Insecticon doing the same, and was surprised that one was on Earth. Starscream demanded that the Insecticon hand over the Energon it had found, though it instead turned on him and attacked, before Airachnid called it off. Airachnid had managed to control it, due to their being related. Though Starscream suggested that they all team up to end Megatron, Airachnid instead ordered the Insecticon to attack him, however he escaped. Sometime later, the Insecticon attacked Megatron as part of Airachnid's trap, refusing to obey him instead. The Insecticon had the upper hand on the Decepticon leader, particularly when Airachnid removed his fusion cannon from the equation, however Megatron eventually triumphed as he beheaded the Insecticon.

However, as the escaped Airachnid discovered, it was only a scout for an entire hive of Insecticons in stasis underground.Crossfire

[5][6]We're going to need a bigger ship.

Airachnid awoke the Insecticons after detecting a signal from the Nemesis, and sent most of them to terminate Megatron, while others attempted to protect her from the Autobots who arrived to see what was happening. While Optimus Prime and Bumblebee eliminated the Insecticons attacking them, Arcee chased down Airachnid and put her in stasis. At that point her control of the Insecticons ceased, and those attacking theNemesis stopped and proclaimed their loyalty to Megatron. Then, the Nemesis crashed for some reason. Armada

Now added to the Decepticon ranks, the Insecticons were free to move about the ship. After Megatron used Dark Energon to bring the ship back online but as a consequence the ship started making its own decisions, Megatron then sent all of the ship's crew, including the Insecticons, to stop the Nemesis. They failed and were stasis locked by the Nemesis's stasis cannon sweep of the ship. They started recovering after Jack disabled the ship's Dark Energon influence. Flying Mind

A single Insecticon went with Knock Out to watch over the medic as they searched for one of the Iacon relics in the Manhattansubway. When Arcee and Bumblebee turned up, it easily brought them down. But soon they started fighting back, and the Insecticon pursued Arcee down the tunnel, and eventually the two began clashing. The Insecticon had the upper hand until she managed to get it to come into contact with the electrified third rail on the subway track, frying it. Tunnel Vision


Megatron entered the chamber occupied by the Insecticons and asked for the fiercest among them to retrieve the fourth Iacon relic. Hardshellled three other Insecticons to the Earth's equator, and Hardshell's first fight with Bulkhead resulted in defeat. As they continued their mission, one of the Insecticons fell prey to a grenade and some Tox-En. Hardshell and the others were mislead by a false trail left by Bulkhead, but eventually caught up with the Wrecker at the top of a nearby volcano. He managed to acquit himself well against the trio, finishing off one Insecticon and throwing Hardshell and the Tox-En into the volcano. Hardshell survived his swim and shot Bulkhead in the back as the Autobot was retreating through the GroundBridge. Toxicity

Megatron was unhappy with the results of the mission and the Insecticons faced hostility from Knock Out and the Vehicons, eventually resulting in a brawl aboard the Nemesis. Hardshell was dispatched to deal with Wheeljack and almost bested his foe, until Miko Nakadaikilled him using the Jackhammer's weapons systems. The rest of the Insecticons pursued the ship, only stopping when Wheeljack threw a bag of grenades at them. The survivors dragged Hardshell's corpse back to the Decepticon warship to report his failure. Hurt


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Some Vehicons and Insecticons were sent to investigate a crashed Decepticon escape pod. Those that weren't killed by the Autobots perished when the pod exploded. New Recruit