Bulkhead might seem like a daft old codger at first. And, to be fair, he kind of is. But he's also a seasoned veteran of countless battles, and is still more than capable in his role as an aerial defense soldier; precious few are his equal. His strength and firepower are backed by a long lifetime of hard knocks that have given him incredible skill and knowledge of aerial combat strategy.

Despite his age, he's impulsive and eager to spring into battle, loving a good brawl. This is in stark contrast to his cousin and occasional teammate Quickstrike, who prefers a much more strategic attack plan to make sure battles are as short as possible.Bulkhead looks huge and menacing, but he's only the former. Once you get to know him, he has a gentle soul. He's afraid of hurting things smaller and more fragile than him, but his new human friend, Miko Nakadai, has helped him grow past that. He has a low tolerance for jerks and bullies, and is quite happy to let people like that stew in the trouble they've made for themselves, but his better impulses—or at least, needling from those around him—always sway him into helping in the end. After a long road trip, feels good to get out of the car, stretch my legs, and kick some tailpipe!Bulkhead on crushin' Cons, Convoy==Fiction==


Bulkhead was a Wrecker and one of the last Autobots to get on the Ark. While the ship and its crew were stranded on the planet Junkion, Bulkhead complained that he was left behind whileBumblebee, Silverbolt, and Optimus Prime voyaged to the tomb of Solus Prime. Transformers: Exiles

Prime comicEdit


Bulkhead was present at the Autobot base when Cliffjumper and Arcee arrived for the first time. Transformers: Prime

Prime cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Kevin Michael Richardson (English), more»

Originally Bulkhead was a construction worker. Deus ex Machina During the Great War, he joined the Wreckers, and battled alongside Wheeljack and many others. Con Job He also had a rivalry with Breakdown. Deus ex Machina Bulkhead left the Wreckers early on in the war to join Team Prime.Con Job

Soon after the Autobots arrived on Earth, Bulkhead accidentally stepped into some power lines. Arcee was impressed with the dance he did as a consequence. Scrapheap