Long ago, Airachnid was with the Decepticons, where her cruel, cold-sparked, murderous demeanor served her well. But after theGreat Exodus of Cybertron, she decided to go solo. These days, Airachnid spends her time engaging in her new hobby: collectingendangered species. Well, parts of endangered species. Mostly the heads.

And if a species isn't endangered? Oh, they will be. She'll make sure of that. And she'll make sure it's a slow, painful process.

During the war for Cybertron, Airachnid managed to capture Arcee and her partner Tailgate. Quickly realizing that Arcee would resist the physical torture she used, Airachnid decided to employ a simpler threat: Tell her the attack coordinates of an impeding attack, or Tailgate dies. Arcee insisted she didn't know the coordinates, but Airachnid didn't believe her and killed Tailgate. Moments later, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper burst into the holding room, killing the two Vehicons and rescuing Arcee. Airachnid, however, escaped.

Following the Great Exodus, Airachnid concluded that the war was over, meaning she needed a new way to spend her time. Abandoning the Decepticons, she decided to hunt sentient species, then wipe them out after getting a trophy. Eventually, Airachnid crash-landed her ship on Earth. She initially laid her optics on a lone camper, but was ambushed by Arcee. While Arcee gained the upper hand, she was distracted by her human partner, Jack Darby, and Airachnid webbed her to a rock. Having learned of Cliffjumper's recent demise, Airachnid decided that making Jack her next trophy would be a delicious way to hurt Arcee before finally snuffing out her spark. She chased Jack back to her ship, but discovered too late that the human had snuck out the underside. She spotted Jack just in time to see him hurl a flaming stick into a pool of energon that was leaking from her ship. Airachnid barely managed to escape the explosion, but she was wounded and really pissed. She managed to web the fleeing Jack to a tree, but before Airachnid could deliver the killing blow, Arcee came to the rescue and absolutely wiped the forest floor with the Decepticon. Deciding she had endured enough for one night, Airachnid drilled into the ground and fled. Predatory


Learning of MECH's treatment of Breakdown, Airachnid engineered a distress call which lured Silas to the forest. She made a deal with the MECH agent to give him Arcee – at least, what would be left of her – if he could deliver Jack to her. Silas used the Internet to track down information on Jack and have June Darby kidnapped so Airachnid cocooned her and dangled her from a building in the disused Jasper factory MECH was occupying. When Jack arrived, Airacnid gave him six minutes to rescue his mother. She followed Jack around the factory and, when he eventually found June and claimed victory, she pointed out the task was to rescue mom, not just find her. Before Airachnid could start with the dismemberment, Arcee arrived to attack her and the two enemies fought at length around the building's structure. During the fight, Airachnid was thrown into a container and coated with concrete, but managed to get free and web Arcee to the ground. She was about to finish off Arcee when she was attacked by Agent Fowler's helicopters, and was forced to scan one so she could escape. Crisscrov[3]Airachnid followed a magnetic signal and found Breakdown with a polarity gauntlet. Seeking to obtain the weapon, she buried him underground, but he escaped and she was forced to fight him. Then Arcee turned up with anew partner for her to snuff and she had to fight them as well. When Breakdown activated the gauntlet, she fled in alarm. She later ambushed the 'Con on his way back to the Nemesis, taking the gauntlet from him and reacting with disdain to his suggestion they could take it back toMegatron together. The Autobots caught up with them, and Airachnid used the gauntlet to draw Arcee to her for a little one-on-one fighting. When the battle started to turn sour, however, she grabbed the gauntlet and attempted to flee in her helicopter form. Unfortunately, Bulkhead grabbed her and threw her into Breakdown. Fused magnetically to the 'Con, she was carried back to the Nemesis, where she had no choice but to rejoin the Decepticons. Metal Attraction

[4]"Even shinier than the Polarity gauntlet!"

Immediately ingratiating herself with Megatron, Airachnid told the Decepticon leader thatStarscream had been keeping information to himself, such as the location of the crashed Decepticon ship, the Harbinger. Megatron ordered Starscream to take Airachnid to the ship's crash site and secure the experimental weapon it contained. Once there, Airachnid discovered that the half of the ship containing the Immobilizer had broken off before impact. She webbed up Starscream and forced him to tell her the location of the aft section, but was attacked by the Autobots while leaving. After a brief fight with Arcee, Airachnid was chased off by Optimus Prime, and instead went to find the Harbinger's aft. She quickly located it and retrieved the Immobilizer, then lay in wait as Optimus's team approached the ship. She was able to freeze Bulkhead and Optimus, but some deft trickery by Bumblebee allowed him to sneak up on her and destroy the Immobilizer. She retreated back to the Nemesis where she tried to blame the loss of the Immobilizer on Starscream as well as explain why she left him behind. Unluckily for her, an enraged Megatron roared that by allowing the Decepticon second-in-command to be taken prisoner, she'd just put all Decepticon intelligence at the fingertips of the Autobots. Partners

Despite this, she was promoted to Second in Command during Starscream's absence. One Shall Fall Breakdown seemed to have developed a crush on Airachnid. Stronger, Faster

[5][6]Who needs Starscream?

When the Decepticons located the last part they needed for their space bridge in a human installation, Airachnid suggested she could burrow up under it, but Megatron announced that the time for stealth was past, so she didn't. Once they secured the power source they needed, Airachnid and Knock Out observed Megatron acting strangely and wondered if their leader was losing it. One Shall Fall While the minersgathered up Dark Energon, Airachnid hung out on the bridge and watched as Soundwave played back Unicron's pulse. She reported to Megatron that the hold was full, and they should think about retreating. He responded by leaving her in charge while he went to go and talk to Unicron. One Shall Rise, Part 1 Airachnid returned the Nemesis to orbit to wait. When no further word came from Megatron, she told Soundwave that Megatron might not be coming back. One Shall Rise, Part 2

[7][8]Round One. FIGHT!!!

When she called the Nemesis' crew to the bridge, she had deduced that Megatron, either deceased or deep within Unicron, had abandoned them, and with Earth falling into chaos, decided that they should relocate to Regulon Four. As none of the other Decepticons spoke out against her, Airachnid ordered Soundwave to set the Nemesis on course, however the silent Decepticon refused to comply. She attempted to assert her leadership by attacking him, only to discover that she was no match for Soundwave and his Minicon Laserbeak. The pair double-teamed her, and she was forced to yield when held underfoot. She subsequently decided to be elsewhere when Megatron did return.One Shall Rise, Part 3

Airachnid was soon back as Megatron's subordinate, though she expressed her concern about the amnesiac Optimus Prime being allowed full run of the ship. When Arcee sneaked on board The Nemesis to find Optimus, Airachnid readily volunteered to go and deal with her, even offering to offline The Autobot. However, Megatron felt that the situation needed to be dealt with more subtly, so he sent Soundwave instead.Orion Pax, Part 1

[9][10]Let the shipping commence!

Airachnid offered to employ her tracking skills in finding more artifacts, and Megatron sent her, Dreadwing and Breakdown on a search mission. However, the whole mission was a ploy; her partners were under orders to terminate her for her attempts to wrest command of the Decepticons during Megatron's brief absence. Her relentless needling of Breakdown made the 'Con lose his cool and try and kill her before Dreadwing gave the order. She quickly webbed Dreadwing to a tree, leading Breakdown on a chase through the woods. Though she was damaged in the chase, she eventually caught Breakdown in a webbing trap, and promptly dismanteled him. Limping away, she ran across anInsecticon which she was able to control. Starscream, missing his transformation cog, happened upon the pairing and offered a partnership. Airachnid instead sicced the Insecticon on him, hoping for another kill, but the weaslely Decepticon managed to escape. Airachnid then lured Megatron to an abandoned energon mine and set the Insecticon on him, watching the fight until she was attacked by Arcee. The Autobot pursued her as she burrowed away, but Airachnid managed to ambush her foe. She was prevented from terminating the helpless Arcee by Starscream, and instead had to flee yet again, but this fortuitously led her to stumble on a whole Insecticon hive. Crossfire

Detecting a beacon transmitting from the Nemesis, Airachnid woke the Insecticon army to go eliminate Megatron. Their activity drew the attention of the Autobots, and though Airachnid sent Insecticons after them, Arcee broke away from the swarm and relentlessly pursued her nemesis into the Insecticon hive. As the two fought, Arcee managed to maneuver Airachnid onto one of the Insecticon's open stasis pods, which quickly snapped closed around her, breaking off one of her spider-legs in the process. The stasis-locked Airachnid was taken back to the Autobot base... leaving Megatron suddenly in control of Airachnid's former army.